• Dog walking/visits
    Your dog will have at least either a 30 minute or 1 hour individual visit (depending on booking). This can include walking, refreshing water bowls, giving treats and grooming. All of these come with lots of fuss, attention and cuddles!
    Each dog will have a Doggie Diary, to let you know how their walk or day has been, what mischief they've been up to and what times they've been walked.
    Any puddles or messes will be dealt with appropriately!
    Other small jobs can be undertaken ie collecting post, bringing in milk, putting wheelie bin away/out etc, just ask.
    You will be expected to supply a set of keys to be left with your pet carer for regular dog walks/visits. It will not be labelled with any personal details and kept in a secure place at all times.

  •  Puppy/dog visits
    Puppies need a lot of care and attention and house training can be difficult to teach when you are not at home.  We can help by feeding, playing and cleaning up any little accidents.
    Dog visits are useful for older dogs that may not need a walk, or a dog that may be recovering from an illness.  We can let them out and give them that little bit of the attention needed until you get back home.

  • Small Animal Boarding
    We can offer 24 hour boarding to all small caged animals. 

  • Pet Visits - Cats, rodents, birds, reptiles, poultry, even pigs!!  
    We offer visits for all animals to keep them in their usual environment and routine whilst you are away. 
    These visits can include letting your cat in or out, feeding, cleaning out litter trays/cages/hutches/coups. All of this with fuss attention and lots of cuddles as always!

  • Pet Sitting
    A pet sitter will come and stay in your home while you are away.  This allows your pet(s) to stay in their own familiar surroundings, keeping them to their usual routine as much as possible.  Your pet(s) will be fed and cared for as your instructions and given all the attention needed to ensure they are happy.  As well as your house being kept secure we can also help with watering your plants, putting the bins out, moving your post etc. 

  • Dog Boarding 
    A great alternative to kennels.....A home from home environment.
    We will look after your dog(s) overnight in a pet carer's home whilst you are away. You will be expected to provide food and bedding whilst we provide the love, care and walkies!
    You will be expected to provide proof of up to date vaccinations.
    Collection and delivery is also available at a small extra cost of 40p per mile.
    Visits are most welcome beforehand to ensure an easy transition.
    Please note - Your pet will only be left a maximum of 4 hours during their day with us.

  • Extras
    We also can offer a basic dog wash/bath which is ideal at the end of the week/month after all those muddy walks! This includes washing, towel drying and brushing. 

    You will be expected to pay fees on time, as pre-arranged with you.
    Communication about any dog training you are undertaking, changes to routines, health and contact details, is essential as it helps us to give your pet the best possible care.
    In the event of an emergency you will be contacted as soon as is possible and appropriate action will be taken.

  • Customers must let us know as soon as they can of any cancellations to their bookings due to holiday or illness. If this is under 48 hours before, a 50% charge will be made.

  • To secure all boarding and pet sitting bookings a 10% deposit is required, this is non-refundable, the balance to be paid on the first day of the booking.


Pet Care Services